Market this Saturday 21st December

This will be the last market before Christmas! Final chance to purchase food and presents! We are also happy to welcome a local caroling group who will be at the market this weekend to spread some Christmas cheer, come along and listen whilst your warm up with some hot food and drink in our cafeContinue reading “Market this Saturday 21st December”

Market this Saturday 7th December

The season is upon us and its time to share some festive cheer! Come along to our market this weekend for high quality, locally sourced gifts and produce. Fill your tables with this seasons bounty and pack your stockings with gifts that are both fun and functional. With a wide array of produce available don’tContinue reading “Market this Saturday 7th December”

Market This Saturday 16th November

First of all, congratulations to Friends Farm who emerged victorious in ‘Battle of the Bangers’ with their Traditional Pork flavour. For anyone interested in purchasing this champion of sausages, don’t forget they will be available to purchase at our market on the Friends Farm stall. December isn’t far away so stalls are beginning to takeContinue reading “Market This Saturday 16th November”

Market This Saturday 2nd November

Autumn is in full swing and as the season turns it brings about a huge variety in colour both in the trees and on our tables. From the crisp and flavourful apples fresh from the orchard, to the rich and earthy vegetables from beneath the soil there is a wide range of foods which canContinue reading “Market This Saturday 2nd November”

Market this Saturday 19th October

With Halloween well on its way don’t forget to pick up plenty of yummy seasonal vegetables from our market this weekend. We are fortunate to have an indoor market so even if the weathers grey you can still stay dry inside, whilst you’re shopping form some autumnal delights from our wide range of 30+ stalls.Continue reading “Market this Saturday 19th October”

Market This Saturday 5th October

As the seasons start to turn the summer labour begins to truly show, buying seasonal foods from a local market is a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint. October is, of course, famous for its iconic pumpkin mascot with their grinning Halloween faces, but don’t let them steal all of the limelight. Many kindsContinue reading “Market This Saturday 5th October”